What is a conspiracy?

Conspiracy Charges Lawyer Raleigh NC 2
Conspiracy Charges Lawyer Raleigh NC 2

A conspiracy is defined as two or more people agreeing to commit a crime for the purpose of achieving an illegal goal. It can be seen as an agreement between two or more individuals to cooperate in order to achieve an unlawful end. Conspirators usually have a common goal, such as defrauding the government or engaging in criminal activities, that they plan to achieve by using deception and secrecy.

Conspiracies usually involve fraud, bribery, theft, violence, drugs, or other criminal activities. The conspirators often act together to conceal the truth and keep their actions hidden from those who would stop them. This can include communication between the conspirators through secret methods, such as codes and passwords, or by establishing multiple layers of protection to keep their activities undetected.

Conspiracies can range from small-scale schemes with limited resources to large-scale attempts to disrupt entire industries.  Drug conspiracies can last for years.  Often, people convicted of conspiracy crimes can be held accountable for their own actions, as well as those of other co-conspirators of which they should have reasonably been aware.

In the United States, federal laws prohibit conspiracy, with violations considered felony offenses. Depending on the severity of the offense, punishments can include fines and jail time.  The same is true for North Carolina.

Time is often of the essence in defending conspiracy charges, as sometimes there is a race to the courthouse to see who gets the best and fastest deal.  The race often goes to the swift! Contact Hale Law Firm, PC for help.

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