For most people, driving privileges are essential to their daily lives. Your ability to drive legally may be integral to your employment, as well as day-to-day errands such as grocery shopping and child care.

Traffic offenses can detrimentally impact your driving privileges in a number of ways. Depending on the severity of the offense and your prior driving record, you could face a suspension or even revocation of your driver’s license. Many traffic violations also result in hefty fines, significant court fees and increased insurance payments. Given the far-reaching ramifications of traffic offenses, professional legal guidance is a wise investment for preserving your driving privileges.

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We can help you keep money in your wallet, along with your license. Traffic convictions can cause license suspensions and drastic insurance increases. Hale Law Firm, PC, has experience in tens of thousands of Wake County traffic charges. Don’t burden yourself with having to deal with your traffic ticket or possible suspension yourself.

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Skilled At Repairing Damaged Driving Records And Protecting Driving Privileges

At Hale Law Firm, PC, in Raleigh, our traffic violation defense lawyer is dedicated to protecting clients’ rights and liberties. We have handled thousands of traffic violations and criminal cases.

We are particularly adept at handling complex cases for clients with poor driving records. It is important to know that, even if your license has already been revoked, there may still be ways to reinstate your driver’s license and clean up your driving record to reduce your driver’s license and insurance points and lower your insurance rates.

Why Hire A Lawyer For A Traffic Ticket?

Many people try to represent themselves or else skip their hearings altogether. If you fail to appear for a court proceeding, without an attorney present to represent you, your driver’s license may be suspended indefinitely. A warrant for your arrest may even be issued.

In many traffic cases, we can appear in court on your behalf, without your need to attend the proceeding. We will carefully examine the events leading to the citation, seeking to obtain a dismissal of the ticket whenever possible. We will explore every possible means of minimizing the consequences and protecting your driving privileges.

For many of our clients, the cost of our services is but a fraction of the fines and increased insurance premiums they would otherwise have paid.

Comprehensive Traffic Violation Defense

Our firm offers experienced representation for clients facing any type of traffic offense, including:

Our lawyer is skilled at presenting evidence and arguments in Wake County District and Superior Court as well as in hearings before the North Carolina DMV.

If you have multiple violations, we can work to get them dismissed one by one. If you have violations outside Wake County, we can coordinate our work with that of counsel in those localities.

Significant Traffic Case Results

  • State v. W.H. — Client charged with failing to wear seat belt. Result: Found not guilty at trial.
  • State v. C.M. — Client charged with making an improper turn. Result: Found not guilty at trial.
  • State v. P.S. — Client charged with speeding and reckless driving. Result: Case dismissed by prosecutor.
  • State v. E.G. — Client charged with passing a stopped school bus. Result: Charge dismissed by judge during trial due to defect in charging citation.

What Our Clients Say

“My wife received a citation in an accident, and they took care of everything, getting the ticket dismissed.”

“Mr. Hale handled two traffic cases for me. He really cares about you and the outcome of the matter. He is a seasoned lawyer and I trusted him with my case and would return if I ever needed help again.”

“Always an excellent experience with this firm. I’ve only needed help with speeding tickets, but the lawyer and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional regardless of the need.”

“Hale Law Firm, PC, helped me handle a speeding ticket. The process was quick and easy. The staff helped me and answered all of my questions. Hopefully I will not need an attorney again, but if I do I will go through them.”

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