Many child pornography cases begin in state court where the charge is usually “sexual exploitation of a minor.” Once the federal authorities get wind of it, they take over and the case moves to federal court. Such a charge is serious enough in state court, but in federal court the threat to the accused is magnified.

Federal prosecutors have a well-earned reputation for thorough investigation and case preparation and work hard to obtain convictions in child pornography cases. The United States Sentencing Guidelines often recommend harsh mandatory minimum sentences to apply for child pornography cases.

If you have been charged with possession, distribution or production of child pornography, the stakes could not be higher. Your freedom and your entire future are on the line. Call Hale Law Firm, PC, at 919-838-0058 immediately for strong and effective defense representation.

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Potential Defense Strategies For Child Pornography Charges

In any criminal case, the prosecution must present evidence that indicates the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In every case we handle, we hold prosecutors to that standard.

We will closely examine the evidence against you, seeking to develop the most effective defense strategy. Possible lines of attack on the prosecution’s case include the following:

  • Showing that the evidence was illegally obtained
  • Entrapment or inducement by a law enforcement agent to download or transmit images
  • Someone else downloaded the images on your device or used your Wi-Fi to do so

When it can be helpful in the defense effort, we can retain the services of one or more IT experts who can provide testimony in your defense. Our lawyer has the insight, technical resources and advocacy skills needed to defend you.

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