Federal prosecutors vigorously seek convictions in cases involving alleged fraud and other corporate crimes. Following convictions, prison sentences for such offenses can greatly exceed those for violent crimes. For example, conviction for a crime that negatively affects the solvency of a financial institution can result in a 30-year prison sentence.

If you have been implicated in a white collar crime, are being investigated, or have been named as a target of a grand jury investigation, you need representation from an experienced defense lawyer.

Hale Law Firm, PC, in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a law firm dedicated to defending the rights and freedom of people facing criminal charges. We have years of experience in the federal court system, and access to the resources that can make a difference in cases involving alleged mail fraud, wire fraud, embezzlement and other white collar crimes.

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A Team Approach To The Defense Of White Collar Crime Charges

While you will work primarily with our attorney during your case, we frequently retain the services of experts such as accountants and financial analysts who can provide valuable insights regarding transactions in question, and if necessary, testimony at trial.

We are particularly attuned to the ramifications that fraud charges pose to corporate officers, executives, board members, managers and other high-level employees. We provide discreet and highly knowledgeable representation to help clients preserve their reputation, careers and future.

Experienced Federal Trial Attorney

The importance of federal trial experience cannot be overstated. Experience in federal criminal trials is essential to obtaining positive results in white collar crime cases. Robert H. Hale Jr., the founder of our firm, has years of experience as a federal public defender and private defense attorney. He takes a strategic approach to pretrial motions. These can greatly affect the plea offer or better position the case during trial.

When defending you, we will seek the best possible outcome. Schedule your free initial consultation by sending us an email.

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