The deck is stacked in favor of federal prosecutors, who are tasked with prosecuting federal drug traffickers.  They depend on cooperating informants, phone taps, cell phone hacks, and surreptitious video and audio recording in order to prove crimes occurred.  

Federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents are very skilled at securing criminal convictions.  In fact, most federal criminal prosecutions result in guilty pleas.  When the federal government charges a drug case, chances are, it is well-prepared.  Usually, there are surreptitious recordings and videos.   Almost always there are cooperating witnesses, who were themselves involved in drug-dealing.  Discrediting their credibility is necessary in order to mount a defense.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer, who is familiar with federal criminal prosecutions is necessary to defend against federal criminal drug charges.  

Sometimes there is a race to the courthouse among co-defendants; they race to see who can be first to cooperate with the government.  Cooperation can have many advantages, and can lead to a lower sentence of imprisonment.  For that and many other reasons, it is important to secure the advice and guidance of an experienced federal attorney as soon as possible.  

At Hale Law Firm, PC, in Raleigh, North Carolina, we vigorously defend people accused of all types of federal drug crimes. We have represented thousands of federal defendants.  We also defend other federal crimes such as money laundering and weapons charges. We will fight for your rights and for your freedom at every step of the way.

As skilled advocates and negotiators, we recognize that not all federal drug cases are won at trial. Often they are won without any trial at all, through skilled negotiation and early action, in order to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. However, where trial is the best course of action, we will vigorously defend you against a federal drug prosecution.

Defense Strategies Grounded In United States Constitution

The Constitution is our guide in defending people charged with federal crimes.  Federal prosecutors and federal law enforcement agencies must follow the law in their attempts to prosecute crimes.  

When representing people charged with federal crimes, we first seek to determine whether any evidence seized was taken in violation of the Fourth Amendment or any other federal laws. If so, we may seek to suppress the evidence so that it cannot be used by the government at trial.

A Note About Conspiracy Charges

Most federal drug prosecutions include a conspiracy charge. “Conspiracy” is a notoriously vague charge that federal prosecutors often use when two or more people are implicated in criminal activity. To gain a conviction, the government must show only that:

  • There was an agreement between two or more people to violate a federal law
  • The conspirators knew of the illegal agreement and agreed to participate in it

In some federal drug conspiracy prosecutions, no drugs are ever even recovered. Prosecutions may be based on historical facts alone, typically through the testimony of alleged co-conspirators who are in jail and serving lengthy prison sentences and hoping for a sentence reduction.

Robert Hale has extensive experience defending against conspiracy and other charges in federal court. If a federal drug conspiracy case proceeds to trial, we will challenge the prosecution’s case with whatever means are at our disposal. We use investigators to probe for weaknesses in the government’s case. We will seek to uncover information about government witnesses that may affect the jury’s determination about their credibility. We will seek to suppress evidence that was illegally obtained. We will vigorously cross-examine government witnesses at trial and seek to sever the link between our client and the other members of the so-called conspiracy.

Experienced Sentencing Advocates

Most federal prosecutions result in a sentencing hearing. Therefore, it is critical to secure an experienced sentencing advocate, in order to lessen the severity of punishment should a conviction be obtained. The United States Sentencing Guidelines that apply to federal drug crimes are often as confusing to the inexperienced, as they are harsh to defendants.

With over 27 years of experience defending federal criminal cases using the United States Sentencing Guidelines, we are well-versed in how to save our clients years in federal prison through effective advocacy at sentencing.

Federal Rule Of Criminal Procedure 35 Representation

In addition to representing defendants at trial and at sentencing, we also represent people who have been convicted of federal crimes in order to help them achieve sentence reductions pursuant to Rule 35 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. Federal sentences can be reduced even years after defendants are imprisoned, if a defendant is able to assist the government in the prosecution of other defendants.

We have achieved sentence reductions for many people sentenced to long federal prison sentences. Although only the United States can move for a sentence reduction, effective representation is essential to achieving a time cut.

Effective And Experienced Representation

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