Federal Conspiracy Charges

Federal conspiracies occur when two or more persons agree to commit a federal crime or crimes against the United States.  The essence of the crime of conspiracy is the illegal agreement between the participants.

Conspiracies can be charged in any jurisdiction in which any overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy occurred.  Any applicable statute of limitations does not begin to run until after the last overt act committed in furtherance of the conspiracy occurred.

Even though the federal government has almost unlimited resources and agents, federal prosecutors often charge conspiracies, instead of substantive crimes, because conspiracies are easier to prove.  Federal law enforcement agencies understand that securing a conspiracy conviction is just as good as securing the conviction of a defendant for the crime itself.  Federal law only requires prosecutors to prove the defendant agreed to commit a federal crime.  Additionally, federal prosecutors only have to prove that the criminal defendant had  a slight connection to the conspiracy, and agreed to help it succeed, in order to secure a conviction.  Furthermore, at any trial, the statements of any co-conspirator may be introduced against all other co-conspirators.  Many people have been convicted of federal criminal conspiracy charges when they were never even caught with anything illegal.

Federal conspiracy convictions can result in extremely harsh penalties, and include long prison sentences, particularly those conspiracies in which large amounts of drugs, guns, money, or fraud were involved.  Mandatory minimum sentences generally apply to all co-conspirators, as long as the extent of the federal crime was reasonably foreseeable to them.

Federal court and North Carolina state court are very different, and the punishments for conspiracies between the two jurisdictions vary widely.  Retaining the service of an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential when a person is charged with a  federal conspiracy, or any other federal or state crime.  Federal court is a very different place than state court, and requires an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight back against the powerful federal government.

For skilled representation in defending federal conspiracy charges, call and experienced criminal defense attorney at Hale Law Firm, PC, at 919-838-0058.

We can defend your federal conspiracy charge.

Successfully challenging conspiracy charges brought by the federal government requires an in-depth understanding of conspiracy law, and federal criminal defense in general.  An experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential.

Often, defending federal conspiracy charges requires either proving that other cooperating witnesses have reasons to lie, or by being the first to cooperate.  Many times, the early bird gets the worm.  However, if cooperation on behalf of the government is an undesirable option, demonstrating that other witnesses or defendants are liars is often the way to go.  Either way, we are very experienced in defending federal crimes.

Federal prosecutors are well-educated and driven.  It is important to hire a defense attorney who understands how to deal with federal law enforcement agents and prosecutors, and is not intimidated by them.

Hire a criminal defense attorney who understands both state and federal conspiracy charges.

Most federal conspiracy cases regard serious federal criminal charges.  Many federal prosecutions occur following follow state prosecutions and are based on the very same evidence.  Accordingly, the manner in which state charges are defended may have a dramatic impact later, if the case “goes federal.”  Therefore, it is critical to be represented by an attorney who is experienced at representing defendants in both state and federal court where there is any chance the prosecution will be adopted by federal authorities.

Handling all aspects of federal conspiracy charges 

Professional legal guidance is essential for defending against any federal conspiracy charge. At the criminal defense law firm of Hale Law Firm, PC, in Raleigh, Robert Hale has over 27 years of experience defending federal conspiracy charges, and protecting our clients’ rights and liberties. We handle all types of federal and state conspiracy crimes including crimes involving:

  • Drugs
  • Guns
  • Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Terrorism
  • Robbery
  • Child Pornography

Clients appreciate the personalized attention we provide.

We are not a high-volume firm. Instead, we value quality over quantity. Robert Hale is a dedicated advocate who consistently invests the time, effort and resources to achieve positive results. We accept only as many cases as we can handle with proper attention and care.

We are also sensitive to the immigration consequences of criminal offenses.  We regularly represent both citizens and non-citizens facing conspiracy charges.

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For skilled representation in defending federal conspiracy charges, call and experienced criminal defense attorney at Hale Law Firm, PC, at 919-838-0058.


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