Charges involving sex crimes require an experienced and rigorous defense because the consequences of a conviction can be devastating. Defending sex crimes often involves the skillful use of experts to present an effective defense. A conviction for a sex crime can dramatically impact your future. Many rights and liberties are likely at stake, including freedom, reputation, housing, employment prospects and educational opportunities.

Sex offenses are high-level felonies carrying mandatory jail time and may require registration as a sex offender or even GPS satellite monitoring. Other consequences could include restrictions on your ability to live or be near schools, churches, playgrounds, or other places where children may be present. An added risk is indefinite civil commitment after a criminal prison sentence has expired.

At Hale Law Firm, PC, a criminal defense law firm in Raleigh, our sex crime defense lawyer has decades of experience. We share a deep-seated commitment to defending the rights and liberties of those accused of crimes.

Drawing On A Wide Breadth Of Skill And Experience

Our lawyer has extensive experience handling serious criminal charges in both state and federal courts. We have handled thousands of criminal cases, hundreds of trials, and numerous appeals.

This breadth of experience informs all aspects of our practice. We effectively guide clients through every stage of the criminal process, from pretrial hearings to appeals and proceedings for post-conviction relief. The comprehensive nature of our practice enhances our ability to develop innovative legal strategies we utilize prior to any charges being filed, as well as at the pretrial and trial level and beyond.

Handling A Wide Range Of Offenses In Wake County And Surrounding Areas

Our firm represents clients from all walks of life facing any type of criminal sex offense charge, including:

Many of these offenses carry some of the most serious sentences under law, including mandatory sex offender registration, which can drastically limit a person’s opportunities and activities for the rest of his or her life.

Significant Sex Offense Case Results

  • State v. R.S. — Client charged with 12 counts of possession of child pornography. Result: Nine counts dismissed by prosecutor and client avoided a jail sentence on the remaining charges.
  • State v. J.S. — Client charged with indecent exposure. Result: Charge dismissed by prosecutor due to client’s efforts at rehabilitation.
  • State v. D.M. — Client charged with multiple counts of distribution of child pornography punishable by 25 years in prison. Result: Two-year jail sentence.
  • State v. E.N. — Client charged with multiple sex offenses punishable by over 50 years in prison. Result: Charges reduced and client sentenced to less than five years in prison.

Helping Clients Navigate Immigration Concerns Stemming From Crimes

Sex-related crimes also pose serious immigration consequences for noncitizens. Our attorney regularly represents noncitizen clients facing criminal charges. We understand the impact of criminal convictions on clients’ immigration prospects, and we work diligently to preserve their immigration status.

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